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General FAQ

Frequently asked question

General Q&A

1. How we ship orders?

All of our orders are fulfilled by Amazon shipping services. Depending on the location of your shipping address, amazon will use any of the following partnered shipping services. United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEX, and UPS. Amazon offers 3 basic shipping speeds, Basic, Expedited (2 Day), and Next Day.

2. How to track items?

You may track items directly on any of these websites. You may also log directly into your amazon account to check tracking information and updates. Feel free to inquire about your shipping method at any time, and we can provide all information and resources to you!

3. How frequent we answer emails?

Customer emails are answered Monday - Friday from 9AM-6PM Eastern Standard Time. Please allow up to 24 hours for an email response. Our emails are answered in the order they are received and given our expert attention. Feel free to inquire any and all questions!

4. Customer phone support hours?

We also provide a customer support hotline. You may also call our customer support number @ (718) 669-7788 for any support. Phone support operates the same hours as our email support. Monday - Friday from 9AM-6PM Eastern Standard Time

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