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get to know stalion


A team of young spirited innovative creators determined to deliver high quality modern technology at affordable prices, allowing you to grow with the times. As members of Generation X, we have first hand experience in the birth of technological age. We have witnessed the rapid growth, and are now contributing from our experiences.  We've got you covered from all ends of the industry and we know what our customers need and exactly how to provide such products. Dedicated to satisfying all our customers' needs with just one stop! Stalion offers elite customer service with advanced cutting edge knowledge in our industry.  Stalion Products, making life simpler by helping you to connect to the world with our advanced technological solutions.

At Stalion we know how complicated life can be. We have put all of our goals in to making our increasing technological world become convenient, understanding, and simple. At our Stalion Store, we make it possible to fulfill all your consumer mobile and electronic needs in one stop. Get the accessories you need for all your devices, and delivered with amazingly fast shipping.


Founded in 2001 by members of Generation X. We're real people, real consumers, real passionate!


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo Da Vinci


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